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Among the variety of cryptocurrencies available on the market, one that stands out and draws attention due to its peculiar ownership is Stellar. Stellar is a network launched in 2014 and it is based on open-source payments while it has its own currencies. The network is created so clients can make trade, exchange, and buy […]


Litecoin cryptocurrency coin

Like most other projects that appeared in the early days of the crypto industry, Litecoin was just a branch (fork) of bitcoin with a slightly changed blockchain code. Nevertheless, in the first two years, it went from an unknown coin to the holder of the honorary title of “digital silver. Creation of Litecoin Litecoin was […]



The history of Dogecoin… How did it start in the first place? Don’t we have enough cryptocurrencies as it is?  Today, Dogecoin is just any other cryptocurrency but it started out as a joke on none other than Reddit a couple of years ago. The currency’s idea sprung out of a popular meme and took […]


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Nano or formerly known as RaiBlock is a type of software that aims to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions that are free. It was launched in 2015 by Colin Le Mahieu. In the beginning, it was distributed by Captcha-based faucets. Nano is often defined as a lightweight currency that has no side chains or second layer, smart […]



Bitcoin is the most popular and most expensive cryptocurrency in the world today. It started an industry that now includes thousands of other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is developed on the basis of blockchain technology – a unified distributed database containing information about all transactions made. According to the creator’s idea, unlike infinitely printable paper money, the […]


ethereum coin

If you spend even a split second online, then the word Ethereum shouldn’t be a foreign term to you. Although Ethereum is one of the most popular concepts in the crypto world, and it might appear to be just another cryptocurrency to you but in reality, it is so much more and holds more potential […]